Son who flew to Britain to dump dementia sufferer father now wants him back


    A son who flew from Los Angeles to England to dump his dementia sufferer father had told his family what he was planning to do – but they did not believe him.

    Kevin Curry had told his relatives that he was going to take his father Roger to Britain on a number of occasions, but they did not think he was being series. Relative Mary Martin, 69, said that the idea had been raised often, but no one thought that he would actually go through with it.

    Mrs Martin also revealed that after he dumped his father in a car park with no identification on him at all, he then tried to get custody of his dad again. She also said that she tried to get in touch with social services in California to tell them that Roger had been taken to England, but no one rang her back.

    Seventy six year old Roger was left confused and wandering in Hereford in November 2015, it emerged earlier this week. He had no identification on him and care workers only found out who he was when they put out an online appeal for help.

    Struggling to care for him

    Thirty six year old Kevin left his dad in the town on a trip to England. Mrs Martin, who was a teacher before her retirement, said that Kevin’s mother Mary Jo had been struggling to care for her husband because she had health problems herself. She said that Kevin, who is a convicted criminal, was a “dangerous and volatile” individual.

    Roger, who served in the Air Force during the Vietnam war, was diagnosed with dementia around a decade ago. When he was dumped 150 miles away from the airport he arrived at, Roger’s case completely confounded British authorities. However, the issued an appeal and sought the help of Interpol as they knew he was American. He then was finally returned to LA.