Sociologist Predicts Potential U.S. downfall


Johan Galtung, a famous sociologist who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize, has made a startling statement to the public, saying that the United States will cease to serve as a super power while Donald Trump takes hold in his presidential term.

Dr. Galtung has allegedly made several other startling claims and predictions in the past regarding the total collapse of the Soviet Union, the terrorist attacks that took place on September 11th, along with his prediction about the chaotic and bloody event that occurred in Tiananmen Square, China.

His accurate and precise analytical predictions in the past have earned him the name of the “founding father” for peace studies.

His prediction in 2000 where he stated that the United States would serve as a super power no more by the year 2025 attracted several dispute and commotion.

However, while George W. Bush served as president, Dr. Galtung changed his prediction into saying that 2025 will now be 2020, as the signs for it have accelerated.

And Then What?

Donald Trump’s immigration policies has been in tune and matched Dr. Galtung’s prediction of the nation’s introduction into fascism in which he had noted about in his book ‘The Fall of the American Empire – and then What?’ Giving the fact that Mr. Trump expresses a rather acute outlook towards NATO, the sociologist added this too would speed up the downfall’s process.

On the other hand, head of the US and Americas program Xenia Wicket, responded to Dr. Galtung’s claims and stated that the downfall of the United States by 2020 is “totally unrealistic.”

Dr. Galtung added to his claims of the matter by stating that “The collapse has two faces. Other countries refuse to be good allies and the USA has to do the killing themselves, by bombing from high altitudes, drones steered by computer from an office, special forces killing all over the place.”

The deadline of 2020 remains a firm stance Dr. Galtung has taken, as he said all these signs are occurring today.

Furthermore, it is said that the United States in the future might not be able to assist their allies militarily if their financial budget in the Defense does not show meet up to their standards.