Six Killed in Helicopter Crash in Central Italy


Six people were found dead after a helicopter crashed in central Italy in the Campo Felice ski area. This was also near the area where an avalanche engulfed a hotel last week, killing 17 people.

Six people were reportedly killed after an emergency response helicopter crashed near the Campo Felice ski resort in Central Italy, just 75 miles east of Rome.

Details of the Incident

According to the police, there were reports of a loud explosion when the emergency response helicopter crashed in the ski area.

“The area where it came down is hard to access at the best of times, and thick fog is making it even more difficult,” said a police spokesman. “Several teams are trying to get there.”

The helicopter was coming in response to the avalanche that buried a hotel nearby, Hotel Rigopiano, last week. However, the police say that the crash was not linked to the seismic activity or the avalanche.

The helicopter was ferrying an injured skier on the slopes of the ski site. Five crew members and the skier were killed in the crash.

The Avalanche

Last week’s avalanche happened following a series of earthquakes and weeks of heavy snow in Abruzzo.

The death toll at Hotel Rigopiano following the avalanche had gone up to 17, as rescuers continued searching the place on Tuesday. Nine people were pulled alive from the rubble. Another live person was found injured early on Saturday.

The avalanche also left thousands of people without electricity for more than a week. Firefighter’s spokesman Alberto Maiolo said: “Logically, hopes fade as time passes, but we are continuing to search and trying to do it as quickly as possible,” he said.

Emergency crews are still working actively to find people that are still missing from beneath the rubble.