Shoppers warned that discounts offered during Black Friday are not so unique


Traders and bargain hunters who desire to get the lowest price possible during the Black Friday campaigns held this year are cautioned that the deals offered are not much different from the deals available in the other times of the year.

A survey carried out on some significant retailers discovered that over half the deals on products that were in high demand were the same as the prices available other times of the year.

It is predicted that shoppers will expend over 2 billion pounds or about £1.8m every minute this Friday into what so far has emerged to be the most massive days for shopping through the year.

The review was done for 35 offers on the most popular gadgets, personal products for care sold at shops of major retailers implied that the shoppers should embrace the bonanza with care.

Not all offers are favorable

The consumer group advised shoppers to look into the reviews and regular listings before Friday to know if the deal they are getting is good or not. They were also encouraged to deal with shop retailers who promised in their offers a refund if the value of the purchased item drops within weeks of purchasing the item.

The director and manager of home products and services, Mr. Alex Neill, stated, “The research we carried out showed that despite the fact that Black Friday can bring about reductions in price, not all the offers that are listed are as good as they appear.”

The survey they conducted considered goods displayed at Currys/PC World, Amazon, and Argos.

Currys PC World declared that it had featured during the Black Friday 2016 over 4,000 reduced products “with multiple items being offered at their lowest price during the period.”