Sex Offender Confesses to 45 Allegations


Mark Frost, 70, who later changed his name to Andrew Tracey, received 45 charges regarding child sex offenses that included sexual assault as well as rape.

Frost’s child sex offenses apparently go back as far as 25 years, and last Wednesday had appeared before Old Bailey.

Frost confessed to all 45 charges thrown against him, which included 22 sex offenses he had committed on young boys in the country of Thailand.

An additional 23 offenses were then confessed by him towards children in the UK.

Frost who was Tracey back then, confessed to the first sex offense he was guilty of which took place back in 1992 in which he possessed indecent photography of a young child.

A False Role Model

While he was still Tracey, he had served a teacher as well within the UK as well as during the scout movement in which several children were around him at all times.

These recent findings have led the authorities to assume that the man very well be guilty of several more child sex abuse once this entire case is disclosed to the public.

The investigators on this matter are currently examining the matter to find out whether or not more children had been victimized by Frost in countries such as France as well as Spain.

This was due to Frost’s lifestyle that included travelling from one place to another often.

A Serious Case

A member from the prosecution services within the Crown, Ogheneruona Iguyovwe remarked on this matter by saying that it serves as one of the “most serious cases that I have dealt with as a prosecutor and one of the most serious cases of child sex abuse.”

Tracey changed his name to Frost back in 2014 and in 2012 he had disappeared from the sight of the authorities who had been pursuing him.

IN February of 2013, the authorities in Thailand had taken him into custody for suspicion of sexually abusing young children but later that year Frost was said to have skipped bail.