Sean Parker opines that vulnerabilities in the psychology of Humans are being exploited by Facebook


    The first known president of the virtual community, Sean Parker, had some not-so-nice words to say in an interview with him this week about the popular social network.

    Parker, who is a renowned tech investor and co-founder of Napster and by Hollywood standards, the guy played by the actor/musician Justin Timberlake in the movie ‘The Social Network,’ says that the online community came about by the understanding and manipulation of how people essentially behave and think.

    Following the massive acceptance and greater influx of people to the platform, there have inadvertently been some consequences that were originally unintended, in Parker’s viewpoint, these consequences were further amplified by the great volume of users the social network has.

    “Facebook has a way of changing your relationship with the society and more importantly, with each other,” he shared in a Wednesday night published interview by Axios. “Without much announcement, Facebook could in weird ways even affect how productive an individual is. We cannot begin to fathom the toll it is taking on the brains of our children.”

    No response was provided by Facebook in the light of Sean Parker’s comments

    By reason of its power and the significant influence, the company alongside other giant social media platforms such as Twitter and Google has been under unprecedented scrutiny. In marathon hearings held last week, the three establishments gave testimonies concerning the effect of their various platforms on the outcome of the United States presidential elections held in 2016, and on how the government of Russia took advantage of their various platforms to get strife and misunderstanding among people. While Facebook is compliant, lawmakers have considered the option of regulating the social network.

    On Wednesday, Parker mentioned in great detail the addictive nature of Facebook, how receiving a like or a comment on the platform keeps you coming back, it was said that any notification from the platform gives you a little dose of dopamine.