Scientists Conduct First Successful Teleportation In Major Breakthrough


Scientists have conducted the first successful teleportation of something into space. Chinese scientists sent a photon from earth further than ever before.

Quantum Entanglement

This kind of teleportation uses the effects of quantum entanglement. Instead of physically sending the photon, they transferred the information of the photon to another point in space, which then replicated the object.

This is the first successful experiment conducted over an especially long distance. This could a world of new possibilities, including quantum internet which would connect different parts of the world at what seems to be impossible speeds.

Previously experiments were limited as they relied on wires and signals, so they could not send much over a long distance. But the new test, had scientists sending the photon up to a satellite.

This could mean, in theory, that it would be possible to send up to satellites and space stations any items needed and then have the teleported back down again. Which means better support for the astronauts and scientists.

Teleportation of photons on Earth is common. However, this new study makes it more effective and able to travel further distances than ever before.

“This work establishes the first ground-to-satellite up-link for faithful and ultra-long-distance quantum teleportation, an essential step toward global-scale quantum internet,” the scientists write in their paper, which has been published online.


Micius, the satellite which China launched last year from the Gobi Desert, was built to receive photons. It is sensitive enough to spot and catch them too.

The team on the ground has a kit that allows them to send the photons to space. The kit can allow other scientists to study how the team on Earth managed to interact with the photons floating outside our planet.

Einstein described quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.” The effect that he means describes the behavior of particles on two distant places acting and reacting instantly to each other in what seems to be bizarre ways.

The entanglement is unaffected by distance. The particles can interact with each other even though they’re very far apart. This is would mean an excellent method of instant long-distance communication, if they’re able to harness and understand it’s effects.