Scientists Are Creating Online “Resistance” Against Trump Administration


Scientists and researchers from various science organizations have reportedly “gone rogue”, setting up unofficial accounts, specifically targeting unscientific or irrational claims from the Trump administration.

Since Donald Trump’s election win, scientists have been worried about the rise of anti-intellectualism in the world.

In response, scientists and researchers from various organizations have taken to Twitter to set up unofficial accounts in support of their agencies, and “resisting” illogical or unscientific claims made by Trump or his administration.

Some of the Accounts

This movement started with the National Park Service, when its South Dakota account began defiantly tweeting about climate change in response to Trump’s stance.

One of the latest “resistance” accounts was @RogueNASA. The account described itself as “The unofficial ‘Resistance’ team of NASA,” and particularly targets climate change claims and the environment.

A few examples of its tweets are:

“Science deniers are dangerous. The impact of climate change is real. There are consequences for infrastructure and human life. #resist”.

“Rogue Twitter accounts are fun, but gov’t employees and scientists are very afraid of being fired if they speak out & share facts. #resist.”

Another account is @altUSEPA, an unofficial account of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During the last few weeks the EPA was threatened with censorship, defunding, and even dismantling completely.

Mocking Trump’s campaign manager’s “alternative facts” statement, the account has noted that Noting that “Environmental conditions may vary from alternative facts,” and that “the EPA collaborates with Mexico to maintain a healthy environment for 12 million people who live near the border.”

A parody account, @AltHHS, in support of the Department of Health and Human Services was also created. Another one is @AlternativeNWS, in support of the National Weather Service (NWS).

Public Comments on Trump’s Stances

Many have taken to twitter to comment on Trump’s instructed “media blackout” against the EPA, as well as his general stances against scientific information.

Katie Mack said: “If someone’s political stance requires preventing scientists from informing you about your own planet, that’s not politics, it’s oppression.”