School under fire for staging a fake murder, complete with tomato ketchup for blood


Parents reacted with anger when they found out that their youngsters’ school had staged a fake murder along with ketchup for blood. Pupils as young as five were alleged to have been terrified by the incident when they got to school only to find that their classroom had become a no go area – sealed off with police tape and a chalk outline of a body have been drawn on the ground.

Meanwhile teachers, who had donned white forensic coats as if they were police investigators, told youngsters that their classroom was now a crime scene and pointed out the tomato sauce blood marks. The school was also visited by a real police officer who taught children about taking fingerprints, which was done using flower.

The incident was set up at Brooke Hall Academy in Leicestershire to tie in with a project pupils were doing about the book Funny Bones. However, while some parents said they were supportive of the lesson, others said their youngsters had been left traumatised.

Too far

One mum, 40 year old Jenny Scarth, said she thought it was great that teachers had tried to do something a bit different, but that they had gone too far by having an outline of a murder victim and ‘blood’. She said the set up had been too grisly for the age of the pupils involved. One father is understood to have said that his daughter had trouble sleeping following the lesson.

However, other parents praised the school for coming up with such an inventive lesson, and headteacher Sharon Milner said the aim had been to provide a different way of learning. She said that pupils had been excited to learn, adding that the fake crime scene had really enabled pupils to put themselves in the picture. Ms Milner said parents had been very supportive.