SAS Marksman Kills Three ISIS Jihadists with one Bullet


An SAS sniper has killed three ISIS jihadists with one shot while on a covert intelligence operation.  The shot has been described as one in a million.

According to reports, the ISIS fighters were laying in wait to massacre women and children in a village just outside the besieged city of Mosul where Iraq forces and ISIS have been fighting a fierce battle for weeks.

Families were trying to flee the village in war-torn Iraq but were unable to do so.  The Special Forces raid was launched, and the SAS marksman fired at the first ISIS fighter, hitting him in the head.  The bullet passed through the man striking another in the chest, before ricocheting off of a wall striking another in the neck.

One Bullet Three Dead

A source said, “The shot was a one in a million.  There was no way it was planned that way.  The sniper aimed to take out the first gunmen and then try and kill the other two before they could open fire on the women and children.

“Alongside the sniper was an SAS spotter, who was watching the target through binoculars.  The whole incident was over in a flash. The guy manning the machine gun went down first after his head was blown off.

“Another terrorist collapsed and then the spotter saw the third gunmen staggering around holding his neck. He lasted for about 30 seconds before he collapsed and bled to death.  No one could quite believe what had happened.”

As part of coalition training of Iraqi troops, British forces have been monitoring ISIS controlled areas.  After the three men were shot dead, Special Forces confirmed the deaths before leaving by helicopter.

The news follows that 700 jihadist from Iraq and Syria will return to their homeland in France according to French intelligence.

A top level meeting is set to take place to discuss options to prevent further terror attacks.