San Diego County’s Deadly Hepatitis A Outbreak May Soon Be History


Reports have been gotten that the outbreak of the fatal Hepatitis may most likely reduce. A San Diego County Public Health Officer has revealed that the rate of the fatal Hepatitis outbreak may be lessening.

As revealed by the Public Officer for Health, San Diego division Dr. Wilma Wooten, A reduction in the frequency of cases has been observed, but some weeks or even a month may be needed to ascertain the status of its spread confidently.

Wooten, on Tuesday, spoke at the Chula Vista City Council meeting, quieting worries that the infection may have originated from the Tijuana River or some other area.
The strain of the Hepatitis A present in the province of San Diego was noted by her, Dr. Wooten to be the same one that ran through Mexico.

From the updates made available by the Health officer, since the 18th of November 2016, close to 500 cases have been registered, out of which approximately 20 of them have proven to be critical. It was further established in the reports that the major victims of the strain were members of the less privileged population present in San Diego.

Measures to further guarantee success

Chlorine, a highly efficient chemical solution has been recommended and employed in the proper cleaning of public restrooms. Also, collaborations have been made by the Outreach team for the Homeless and medical personnel in the city for the undertaking of quick and easily accessible drives around the town. One of the beneficiaries of the medical aids is Kim Ball.

“I believe it’s extraordinary!” Ball declared with gusto.” It facilitates the effective hygiene for everyone in order to combat the spread of the strain.

$3 million has been spent in battling the outbreak until now by the County, and it hopes to burn through less than two million until the point when the flare-up is finished every month.