Russia Evacuates 3,000 Citizens Amidst Bomb Plots


Moscow authorities are currently conducting an evacuation of about 3,000 citizens from three railway stations due to bomb threats that have been exposed anonymously.

The stations of Kazansky, Leningradsky, and Yaroslavsky are currently being searched thoroughly by Russian authorities, with the aid of sniffer dogs.

Reports had stated upon receiving the bomb threat that a thousand people from each of the railway stations had been told to leave the premises, as the police dogs will be sent to the threatened vicinities.

Aviation experts have claimed that this threat was very much a realistic possibility since they stated the recent Russian Tu-154 military plane that had crashed in the Black Sea was most definitely a terrorist plot. All 91 people that were aboard the plane have been pronounced dead.

No Risks Taken

The anonymous bomb threat came through a disturbing phone call that had been made to the security services, which warned them that at least one or more bombs had been placed around all three railway stations.

Upon the message of this phone call, expert bomb diffusing squadrons were contacted immediately and were sent to all railway stations, which are situated within the same region in the Moscow’s northeastern square.

Nothing Confirmed Yet

Russia has seen several terrorist attacks towards its citizens in the past year, such as the Russian plane that had exploded in mid-flight in Egypt’s Sinai, killing all of the more than 200 passengers on board, and such as the recent military plane that has crashed in the Black Sea.

As of now no confirmed victims or injuries have been reported from the incident, and as of now no signs of explosives have been discovered by the authorities.

Witnesses from the event stated that the fire services and rescue units had arrived at the stations, along with several ambulances that had been scattered within the vicinity.