Royle Family Actress Liz Smith Dies at 95


Liz Smith, an actress best known for her role on Royle Family, dies on Christmas Eve, at the age of 95, just days after her character’s on-screen death.

Statements and Remarks

A statement from a family spokeswoman said: ‘The BAFTA award-winning actress Liz Smith has died, on Christmas Eve, at the age of 95, her family has announced.”

Her costar Ricky Tomlinson said: “She was wonderful. Actually she was my favourite character in the Royles. We had a great time together and we were so close as a family. She would come in on her days off and just sit there, and of course I’d take the Mickey out of her because she always came in at lunchtime. I’d say, ‘you’re like your character, you, anything for nothing, you come because it’s lunchtime!”


He recalled happy times with her saying: “I can’t even tell you about the out-takes, that me and Liz got up to, because it was hilarious. Because actually I thought she spoke rather eloquently, she spoke really nicely, whether she’d taught herself or been taught. She didn’t talk at all like Nana. She used to take the Mickey out of me for being a little bit rough.”

“I really, really loved her. When you get a company together like that and you work as a unit together over two or three years like that, you do become a family.

‘I’ll say this about Ralf Little who played Antony – he adored Liz Smith. He used to go visit her – she was in some sort of sheltered accommodation – he would go and visit her. He loved her.”

Director Mike Leigh said she was an “eccentric”, “consummate character actor” and a “complete breath of fresh air.”

Actor Richard E Grant said: “Liz Smith-I loved working with you on the George Orwell film & privileged to have played & danced together R.I.P.”