Royal Mail Unveils New Electric Vans


Royal Mail will start testing nine fully equipped electric vehicles in London, which has ranges of up to 100 miles.
The electric van, which is built in many sizes, will deliver post from the depot in central London.

They were manufactured by Oxfordshire-based automobile makers Arrival, who recently launched a new factory structure in Banbury.

Another set of 100 electric vehicles for Royal Mail has also been requested by carmaker Peugeot. Having already been chased by Royal Mail, these services will be on until December.

Carmaker Arrival says the nine electric vans it has trade come in sizes of three and a half, six and seven and a half tonnes.

However, the present prototype versions of the vehicle have in built wing mirrors, a spokeswoman for carmakers Arrival told the reporters that this features will be taken away from its final production- as cameras will be installed to monitor traffic to the rear instead.

The Royal Mail Fleet’s managing director, Mr Paul Gatti of Royal Mail said it was “happy” to be working with carmakers Arrival.
Mr Paul Gatti also added “We will put them on trial for the next few months to monitor how they work with the mail collection orders from our wide range of websites.”

49,000 Vans Loading

The Royal Mail’s fleet now has 49,000 vans altogether.
A mobility expert who works with research consultancy Frost & Sullivan, Mr Ananth Srinivasan said “top European postal firms, like DHL in Germany, have been considering the same moves for some time now.”

Mr Ananth Srinivasan said five nations- which include Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom – had the potential to modify significant proportions of their fleets to electric cars in the coming years.