Revealed: The most expensive home ever to be listed on the American property market


The most expensive home ever to go onto the property market in the US has just been listed in the plush area of Bel Air, Los Angeles, for an eye-watering price tag of $250m. The house is currently owned by handbag entrepreneur and property developer Bruce Makowsky who came up with the concept for the property so he could sell it on to a super wealthy new owner.

The massive house is being sold for way above that of the previous record holder, which was a mega mansion in Manalapan, Florida, put up for sale for $195m. This home is 38,000sq ft and has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms and three kitchens, as well as its own bowling alley, movie theatre and infinity pool. There’s even a candy room, which is filled up with $200,000 worth of sweets.

Cars and art

Also included in the price is a collection of supercars worth $30m, included classic sports cars. There are 130 original works of art and a helicopter landing pad for those who want to fly straight to the property. He has developed the home even though he has no buyer lined up. However, Mr Makowsky says he has already been approached by more than half a dozen interested people.

And, it’s not just cars and art which the new owner will be getting as an added bonus, but also live-in employees. The developer has promised to pay the salaries of seven live-in employees for two years after the house is sold. Mr Makowsky made his own fortune by selling handbags on QVC. So far, he has sold nine homes to billionaires over the last six years, saying that he came up with the concept after seeing how much the super wealthy were to pay for mega yachts. He says his properties are akin to luxury yachts, albeit on dry land.