Revealed: Animal charity’s top rescues of the year


The RSPCA has revealed its top ten rescues of the year – most of which involve animals getting stuck in the strangest of situations. The rescues include a sheep which got stuck in a traffic cone and a seagull which turned orange after falling into curry. The charity has revealed the rescues in a bid to highlight the work it does. Over the festive period alone, from December 18 to 27, the RSPCA has recused 24,651 animals, including 2,417 which had been abandoned by their owners. Rescuers give their top ten as…

The sheep stuck in a traffic cone: Inspectors were called to reports of a sheep being trapped, so were somewhat surprised to arrive at a farm in Hertfordshire to find a ewe had her head stuck in a traffic cone. Inspector Rachel Smith said she managed to grab the cone while the sheep backed away, and her head popped out.

Puppy who got her head stuck in railings: A five month old schnauzer managed to get her head stuck in railings while on a walk with her owner. She was released by RSPCA rescuers and the fire service after her owner failed to get her out.

Snake in a cupboard: A couple in Yorkshire were alarmed when they found a corn snake in their airing cupboard. It had hidden away inside the head of a vacuum cleaner by the time RSPCA officers got there, but rescuers managed to get it out and it was reunited with its owner, having been missing for some time.

Horse stuck on a footbridge: A horse was spotted by a dog walker, having got all of her legs stuck over a footbridge. A dog walker raised the alarm and the charity managed to winch her to safety.

Stuck under a stairlift: Feline Maggie May was followign her owner down the stairs when she became trapped under a stairlift in the Lake District. However, RSPCA inspector Chris Towler managed to lift the seat using a car jack and she was unharmed despite her ordeal.

Colour changing seagull

Spicy seagull: A seagull turned bright orange after falling into a vat of curry in Wales. However, after a clean up at the Vale Wildlife Hospital, it was released back into the wild.

Cat in the post: A siamese cat was accidentally posted 260 miles in a box of CDs and DVDs. Thankfully, she was reunited with her owner, who had been searching for her pet for more than a week.

Goldfish rescue: Rescuers in Wales found two goldfish in the space of a month in a culvert. They believe they may have been flushed into the water system before becoming trapped.


Fat toad: A toad got stuck, with his bum and back legs left wiggling in the air when he tried to get through a space in some garden decking. Inspectors had to cut the decking in order to get him out.

Greedy cow: A Pokemon Go hunter looking for virtual creatures ended up finding a cow stuck in its metal feeder. They called the RSPCA who managed to get the cow out with the help fo the fire brigade.