Report: no iphone 8 delay


An iPhone remains one of the greatly coveted devices in the market – it’s a yearly phenomenon with every new release that the company doles out. However, the latest device is the most eagerly awaited model ever, as there are rumours that Apple intends to give special buyers a device that posses’ specifications never experienced on their models, as some of these features great advancements in the phone sector. These innovations are generally believed to be the reason for the apparent postponement in the device’s release, going by information filtering from many quarters. This is the reason for the really mystifying report that will follow.
Several different quarters has reported that the iPhone 8 might be released four months from now. Nevertheless, the device will be accessed by a few customers before being officially put up for sale in about six months time. Very unconvinced reporters has maintained the device would not even hit the stores by December, a development which might really affect the companies December profits. A tech blog has confirmed the new device bulk manufacturing is not behind the scheduled time, stating a report from a news outlet in China.
The statement indicates that several of the device’s affiliates which include TSMC (chip) and Simple Technologies (Battery) are eager to increase production for the device for as early as next month.
TSMC will commence manufacturing of EII chip by next month as well as send them in huge quantities by the third week of next two months. SLP manufacturers had seen to an improvement in output and quantity produced.
Lastly, the statement observed the increasing rates in recruiting and preparation carried out by Foxcon, Winston, and Pengatron in readiness for the devices.
The statement refused to include any details on a vital component of the anticipated device, suspected to be the cause of delays in the release of the new iPhone – the Touch ID sensor which is supposed to be installed behind the screen. We are not privy to information on the progress made on this component, which might be reason for the diverse device drawings scattered across the internet.