Psychologists State That Trump is Showing All Symptoms of a Narcissist


Psychologists have cautioned on the highly likely matter that U.S. President Donald Trump is displaying all symptoms that are linked to a mental illness as well as a case of “malignant narcissism.”

During the U.S. electoral campaign Hillary Clinton had openly stated at one point that Trump was deemed as “temperamentally unfit” for commander in chief.

Several people had interpreted such a statement made by Trump’s opponent as either just a joke or perhaps a low blow in taking down her political rival.

However, due to the consecutive controversial and shocking actions that President Trump has been carrying out in just his first 10 days as president, Clinton’s remark has been taken into consideration.

An Ill President

Experts on mental health as well as psychologists as a result have also made their own remarks and expressed their views on the matter.

A group that called itself Citizens Therapists Against Trumpism was made as a result.

The group consists of thousands of people and have even publicly displayed a manifesto that cautions people against President Trump’s state of psychosis.

The Signs All There

The group went on to explain in detail just as to what symptoms they were referring to exactly to prove their case.

The banishment and blaming of groups, specifically minorities due to them posing a possible threat.

Humiliating and degrading those who oppose him and anyone who criticizes him.

The constant promises and vows President Trump makes in resolving all of the problems people are complaining about if they only trust his methods and strategies.

Last of all, but certainly not less important, the fact that Mr. Trump has made up historical facts, indifferent to truths, and doesn’t understand why a sane and rational approach to persuading people matters.

The Citizens Therapists add as well that President Trump emphasizes on the fact that ‘real Americans’ can get on top and win only if other people lose to them, which serves to constantly mislead his followers.