Pro-Science And Anti-Trump Massive Rallies Take Over Most States In Light Of Budget Cuts


The turbulent atmosphere reigning in Washington over the rage emitted by the political opposition the new head of state, Mr. Donald Trump, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of demonstrators assailing a multitude of governmental reforms.

In light of the new fiscal budget cuts and reformat by the head of the White house and his cronies, uproar has been extremely vocal in several domains of the public and private communities, fearing for the future of their socio-economic outcome from these abrupt changes.

A major blow in the new reforms, has been witnessed in the budget cut of the agencies funding scientists’ work.

Significant cuts

The significant change would see a cut $12.6 billion from the Department of Health and Human Services, including $5.8 billion from the National Institutes of Health alone.

A march has taken place on Saturday and around many cities in the world advocating the science based research and fact governance, opposing the changes in their domain implemented by the new American president.

The co-host of one of the several events taking place worldwide on that day demonized the political initiative of Mr. Trump and added: “It’s been frustrating to watch as certain forces in our society try to squelch science or their refusal to believe in it or propose alternative realities and facts — alternative facts, whatever that (expletive) is”

Distrust and disapproval

The global demonstrations saw the attendance and participations of huge masses of people including scientists, famous artists and public figures to support the cause.

Another co-organizer, stating her disapproval and distrust in the new leader of “the free world”, argued her case by saying: “Science has always strived to remain nonpolitical, nonpartisan — and we’re still striving for that, every single scientist at this event feels that it is much more pro science than anti anything