Pope Francis Meets With Donald Trump For Private Conversations


Pope Francis has met U.S. president Donald Trump, in the president’s third spot in a series of official trips after he visited Saudi Arabia and Israel on his first official trip as a president.

The meeting held between Pope Francis and President Donald Trump was a highly anticipated one due to the serious and crucial causes that can be discussed during the meeting. As a matter of fact, the meeting was crucial as Pope Francis has likely had his influence on Trump.

Peace and terrorism 

“Thank you. I won’t forget what you said,” Trump told Pope Francis after a half-an-our private meeting in the Pope’s study.

The conversations are still sealed and neither Trump nor the Pope was open about the matters about which they discoursed; however, resources from the White House and the Vatican have hinted at terrorism, climate change and peace as listed on the meeting agenda.

The Vatican announced in a statement that the two figures discoursed about “the promotion of peace in the world through political negotiation and interreligious dialogue” and focused on the issue of protecting Christians interests in the Middle East.

“He is something. We had a fantastic meeting. We’re liking Italy very, very much and it was an honor to be with the Pope,” Trump told Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Intense beginning

However, the atmosphere was intense as the two men first met, promoting a certain image to broadcast both agreed to put forward, CNN reports.

The speculations provoked over the frosty encounter lies behind the event when Trump promised to ban Muslim and Syrian refugees and to build walls alongside U.S.-Mexico borders. The announcement likely has not found favor in the Vatican as the Pope said in February 2016 that “a person who only thinks about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.” However, he did not refer to Trump by name. The Vatican also focused on providing “assistance to immigrants”, including health care and education services in the US.