Police Break in Wrong Home and Upload Wrong Family’s Photo


    In New York City the authorities allegedly had been contacted regarding some specific incident and then were led to the address of the wrong home, then broke into it, wrapped their handcuffs on all the members of the family, then topped the embarrassment of their mistake off by uploading the picture of them on Snapchat.

    On the picture they posted they wrote “Merry Christmas its NYPD!” However, they were not aware yet of the erroneous arrest they had just committed.

    The Santiago family who preside in Brooklyn had all been put in handcuffs while at their home just three days before Christmas, and one member Kimberly Santiago stated that she noticed one of the officers was using his mobile phone for something.

    Christmas Fools Day

    Kimberly remarked by saying that neither her nor her family had ever expected that a police officer would actually be taking a photo of them and upload it on social media, saying that they had assumed the officer was just texting someone since he sat with them for a duration of three hours with no one else around.

    Joke is On You

    The officer, whose identity has not been disclosed was temporarily suspended from the New York Police Department in order to make way for an investigation to be conducted in which it will be determine whether or not the officer had breached any type of department policy or violated the regulations.

    After the mistaken arrest and joke, no member from the Santiago family was taken into custody, and the authorities had simply left their home. Snapchat is one of the most popular and known social media outlets that as of 2016, figures show that as many as 150 million users are currently active on the service.

    Kimberly said that if this officer had done this to them, then it wouldn’t be hard to imagine just as to how many other families he has wronged this way as well too.