Plane Crashes in New Jersey Neighbourhood, Lucky Pilot Survives


The pilot of a small plane in Bayonne, NJ, lost control and crashed onto a street in the New Jersey suburb, crashing into parked cars and splattering wreckage throughout the street and sidewalk Sunday, say officials.

Fortunately, no one had been killed, and the pilot, who was taken the Jersey City Medical Center in Jersey City, managed to escape with his life and only minor injuries.

What Happened

Robert Kubert, the director of New Jersey’s public safety, said that the pilot had technical difficulties when he flew the small plane, Piper Arrow, above New York’s Statue of Liberty.

After he realize there was no way he could take the plane all the way to NJ’s Newark Airport, he decided to make Avenue E in the city of Bayonne his makeshift landing strip.

“I think we’re very lucky — extremely lucky, considering all the houses around here,” Kubert said. “He was the only injury, but he was alert and talking.”

Marelyn Feliciano, a 31-year-old resident, said she had been in her home on an average Sunday when the small plane smashed onto her home’s front yard.

“The whole house shock and all the electricity went out,” she stated. “I came out and called 911. We’ve been evacuated from our house. I’m just happy to be alive because it could have hit out house.”

Witness Accounts

A witness, who wanted to be identified only Angela, recalled that the plane had spiraled, crashing into electrical wires, then landing on the suburban street.

“He took down the electricity first, so the spark happened,” she recalled. “Then he took down everything with him — the polls, the wires to all the houses here, the trees, the cars. Your mind just doesn’t comprehend it. There was nobody on the so-called runway. I guess he figured it was a good place to land.”

Despite having been knocked about the plane, the lucky pilot “was alive in there,” she stated. “We all heard him. He said ‘I’m here.’