Paying attention to your gut can help in your weight loss goal


If you ever believed that diet control is the only way to meet your weight loss goals, there is a new idea here. A new study has shown that there are other existent factors other than diets and other regimens that are helpful regarding weight loss especially gut bacteria.

Gut bacteria is a body-friendly microorganism in the digestive systems, causing a healthy gut environment and helping digestion. According to the scientists from the University of Copenhagen, precisely, the Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports, the amount of some gut microorganisms may be linked to the weight loss ability of an individual under certain conditions. Apparently, the idea of sharing the same diet routine for people with different weight loss goals may be ineffective.

The study

The researchers examined 62 individuals with a heavyweight circumference. They were meant to follow the Average Danish Diet (lean meat, coffee, lettuce, and eggs without grains) or the New Nordic Diet (many dark greens, whole grains, and berries). The participants were separated in line with the amount of two distinct bacteria (Bacteroids and Prevotella) they had in their body system.

The research showed that the participants with a greater ratio of Prevotella to Bacteroids and was fed in line with the New Nordic Diet experienced much fat loss, than their counterparts with the same ratio but followed the Average Danish Diet.

Professor Arne Astrup, the study co-author, said the human intestinal bacteria had been associated with the growing prevalence of obesity and overweight. It’s just now that they have demonstrated that some bacterial species play a significant role in weight loss and weight control.

Most imbalances in gut bacteria can be altered via diet, like lowering sugar intake, stopping caffeine or booze intake, and augmenting your diet with probiotics and prebiotics.
The study was published in the Journal of Journal of Obesity.