North Korea Reportedly Executes Officials Who Were ‘Enraging’ Kim Jong Un By Using Anti-Aircraft Guns


North Korea has executed five of their senior security officials after they made fake reports which  “enraged” Kim Jong Un, reported South Korea’s Yonhap news publication on Monday.

The five officials were assassinated using anti-aircraft guns, said the National Intelligence Service during a private briefing with lawmakers, said Yonhap. It was not clear right away what these false reports had been, but they were most likely unrelated Kim Jong Nam’s assassination two weeks ago.


Lawmaker Lee Cheol Woo stated that the officials had worked in the section of the nation’s previous state security chief, Kim Won Hong, who had been dismissed this January amongst allegations that he was corrupt and committed human rights crimes

Lee also said Kim Won Hong’s firing was directly linked to the reports, which then “enraged” Kim Jong Un after he came across them.

Recent Executions

Kim Jong Un is known to have allegedly executed high numbers of government officials since he took power back in 2011.

Word of these executions arrived a a spy agency in South Korea said that they believe Pyongyang had been behind Kim Jong Nam’s assassination

The National Intelligence Service said to lawmakers they believe four of eight suspects involved in the murder had worked for the Pyongyang Ministry of State Security as well as two other who were employed by the nation’s foreign ministry.

The health minister in Malaysiaa said on Sunday that Kim Jong Nam passed within a mere 20 minutes of being given the toxic nerve agent Kuala Lumpur international airport on February 13th.

Authorities say two women from Indonesia and Vietnam are being accused of his assassination, and they they claim they were tricked by a group of men from North Korea who made them believe it was all a prank for a show on TV.

The substance has been identified as VX nerve agent, which is currently classified as one of the weapons of mass destruction from the UN.