Newark, LaGuardia and JFK employees embark on strike action


A set of workers at the Newark Airport launched a strike at 9 pm on Tuesday. About 700 workers who provide services at LaGuardia, JFK and Newark took to outside of Terminal C, causing difficulty for flights for American Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue.

Following the activities of PrimeFlight Inc. to subcontract their employees’ services to other airlines, hundreds of skycaps, shuttle drivers, baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants, terminal cleaners and cabin cleaners leaves their job.

Workers call out employer’s action as unfair

The workers claimed that such acts by their employer are unfair, as such, they voted to walk away from their job earlier in the week.
The protest started at 9 p.m with a rally outside Terminal C of an airport in New Jersey – Newark’s Liberty International Airport. According to a body that stands in for the 700 striking workers, 32BJ service Employees International Union, the strike action continues on Wednesday with movement at Newark and LaGuardia airports.

Organizer schedule strike activities

The organizers of the strike action said that the picket line is established at Laguardia by 6 a.m for departures of American Airlines, and this will go on for the coming three days in the three airports during the day. Likewise, there will be displays by city officials at LaGuardia during the day.

The organizers also stated that another picket line and rally would start on Thursday by Terminal 5 at JFK by 1:30 p.m. The Union said that the strike action is coming after several months of impasse. In the past years, more than 8,000 airport workers in New York have had successful campaigns and agreed on real wages through 32BJ with their employers. However, the case seems different with the present PrimeFlight Inc.