New Technology creates PlantNet, “Shazaam” for Plants


Developers in France have created a new app called PlantNet, that allows you to find out the name of the plant you take a photo of, also known as the “Shazaam for plants”, according to Modern Farmer.

The developers of PlantNet have created a “Shazaam for plants”, where you take a photo of a plant, lead or flower, upload it in the app, and an algorithm uses Google’s reverse image search to locate similar images. After comparing numerous sources, the app then tells the user the plant’s name. It reportedly already recorded 6,000 different species in Western Europe.

The App

The technology is available for users in Western Europe and will soon be available for North America. The technology relies on people submitting and tagging plant species.

The more that happens, the faster and more accurate the results. Since the app launched, the app has catalogued over 2,500 plants in North Africa, 1,000 plants around the Indian Ocean, and over 900 in South America.

There app isn’t available to North America yet.

There are an estimated 400,000 flowering plant species in the world, and keeping track of them can be very challenging, even to botanists. Therefore, this technology will hopefully shape the world of botanical research.

The app also helps with herb collecting and with identifying plants in nature that could be dangerous or poisonous.

An edible database in the future could also help campers pick plants from the wild without worrying about their toxicity. These wild sources of plants would also help provide herbs that are cleaner and free of pesticides.

This app is also expected to be bringing people out in nature more often. Curiosity can now lead users to walk around and find out species of the plants around them, and know more about them.