New Jersey Woman Dies Falling Off Escalator In World Trade Center Oculus


A 29-year-old New Jersey woman fell about 30 feet to her death off an escalator inside the World Trade Center Oculus.

According to the police, Jenny Santos, a 29-year-old woman from New Jersey reportedly fell to 30 feet to her death off an escalator inside the World Trade Center Oculus.

The Incident

Jenny Santos was on her way home when her sister’s hat fell off the escalator at around 5:30am on Saturday. When she tried to retrieve the hat, she fell off onto the marble floor on the main concourse.

According to Port Authority police spokesman Joseph Pentangelo, she was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The police are still investigating the incident.

Tributes to Santos

Clemens Reinke told CBS2 that Santos coached alongside him at the Bergen County Rowing Academy, and described her as a vibrant young woman.

“It’s just hard to even believe this,” he said. “Just yesterday she was with us, Jenny was coaching our team.”

“Very gentle, caring, loving person, always ready to help. She was beloved by all our rowers.”

“Somehow the hat flew away so that she would jump after that. That’s kind of her fun-loving way, also her helpful way of wanting to be helpful,” he said. “I can’t believe this went so wrong.”

Witnesses of the incident were left stunned. “It had to be horrible for her sister standing right there. You know, it’s just dreadful, it’s just unbelievable something like that can happen,” Phyllis Herald, of Paterson, New Jersey, said.

Some visitors even wondered if safety rails or glass walls could have prevented an incident like this.

“In my opinion, I think that they need to build the walls a little higher when they build these escalators, because the same thing happened at Shea Stadium when they rebuilt Shea Stadium. Someone fell over the escalators,” Juliana Herald, of Queens, said. “The walls are not high enough to prevent tragic accidents like what happened today.”