New iPhone Security Works Against Security Forces, Law Enforcement Reveals


The Washing D.C police department has revealed that the new Apple’s new security system will make it very hard for local police to retrieve digital evidence which might be needed to solve crimes.

Although this feature is great for customers, the enhanced security feature like facial recognition might delay justice.
“Using FACE ID is the future on smartphone security and improve how we keep sensitive information.” Phil Schiller, Apple senior Vice President of Marketing said during the unveiling.

However, his sentiment is not shared by the law enforcement unit as according to police detective Jason Friedman “It is a very frustrating development for law enforcement agency who have to fight crimes in the community.

Delay Of Criminal Persecutions

This comes as numerous security firms have had issues with accessing numerous digital information due to the security on that device. Thus, it is believed that if this trend continues, justice might be denied or delayed.

Detective Jason Friedman believes that the new security will exacerbate the problem that they are facing in Fairfax county.

“There is an iPad that we can’t gain access into and it is a very serious issue. We have to wait for an update that will make it easier for the security force to have access to these devices to be able to fight more crimes.”