New Fossils Unearthed Denotes That Human Beings Were Born And Lived Earlier Than We Thought


New fossils of our species were unearthed from Morocco that makes the evidence soar past about 100,000 years.

The bones, about 300,000 years old, were discovered thousands of miles from the previous record-holder, unearthed in fossil-rich eastern Africa. The new discovery tells more about our ancient people with a mix of modern and more primitive qualities.

The new discovery

“They are not just like us.” said Jean-Jacques Hublin, one of the scientists reporting the find. But they had “basically the face you could meet on the train in New York.”

The Moroccan fossils unearthed suggest that Homo sapiens may have experienced our own one in any place in Africa, said Hublin, of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, and the College of France in Paris.

Hublin and others showed detailed descriptions of the new findings in two papers issued Wednesday by the journal Nature. The discovery could explain the theory of evolution of our spices. Chris Stringer and Julia Galway-Witham of the Natural History Museum in London released in a Nature commentary.

“In the last 300,000 years, the main story is the change of the brain.” Hublin said.


Some experts who didn’t take part in the discovery called that idea attainable despite the fact it was not explained. John Shea, However, who is an anthropologist at Stony Brook University in New York, said it’s better to think of the different local people as a single one.

“These are parts of a network.” through which ideas and genes flowed, he said.

Shea said it was possible to unearth such old traces of early Homo sapiens in northwestern Africa. However, finding them there does not mean that our species first made an appearance there.

“When it comes to evidence for human origins in north-west Africa versus Eastern Africa versus southern Africa, it’s a tie.” he wrote in an email.

Richard Potts of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History said the Morocco fossils “appear to reflect the very early transition to Homo sapiens, very possibly denoting the outset of the lineage to which all people belong.”