NASA Discovers That Killer Asteroid Zipped Past Earth ‘20 Times Closer Than The Moon’


Scientists had only gotten sight of the possibly space rock that could have left possibly devastating effects only six hours prior to it soaring past Earth.

The asteroid had passed close than the satellites ring that are in orbit around the planet soaring just over 9,000 miles above the Pacific.

Astronomers are now initiating a call for mankind encouraging them to begin focusing on creating a more sophisticated warning system in order to detect asteroids earlier on and avoid similar close calls.


Boffins from the NASA-funded program the Catalina Sky Survey located in Arizona has detected Asteroid 2017 EA only when it headed towards Earth in a closer than ever near-miss.

The space rock was 10-feet-wide and spotted only six hours prior to its close contact with Earth, stated the Center for Near Earth Object Studies.

Scientists said that 2017 EA is not due to come around Earth again for a minimum of 100 years, but the close call has sparked fears that humanity is not prepared for impacts from asteroids.


A year ago, scientists had proposed plans for satellite’s that defend against asteroids in a portion of the Asgardia project.

Mankind may face devastating effects from space rock threats, which silently and subtly approach the planet, warn scientists.

Even though 2017 EA was a relatively small asteroid, experts believe that millions of larger asteroids are in space and may pack enough energy to hit Earth anytime, killing hundreds if not thousands of people.

Speaking to Daily Star Online, scientist Dr Joseph Pelton, the former dean in the International Space University, stated: “An asteroid of just 35 metres could wipe out London, but the trouble is NASA’s guidelines for detection is around 150 metre.

“But in terms of probability there are in the area of thousand times more space rocks of the 35 metre size than the 150 metre.”