My sweet daughter turned into a sadistic killer: Serial murderer’s mother speaks out for the first time


    The heartbroken mother of serial killer Joanna Dennehy has spoken out for the first time, saying that her daughter turned from a sweet little girl into a monster. Dennehy stabbed three men to death and is one of only three women ever in Britain to have been given a full life sentence without the possibility of release.

    The others are the infamous Moors murderer Myra Hindley, who helped her boyfriend Ian Brady to snatch and kill children before burying their bodies on the moors surrounding Manchester, and Rose West, who murdered nine young women, along with her husband Fred.

    Dennehy was found guilty of stabbing Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, Kevin Lee, 48, and John Chapman, 56, to death before dumping their bodies in ditches close to Peterborough. Because of the way she disposed of the men, she was dubbed the ditch murderer.

    Can’t believe she would kill

    Up until now, her parents Kathleen and Kevin have remained quiet about their daughter and the horrific crimes she committed. Kathleen said she simply could not believe that the happy, sensitive little girl she brought up had gone on to kill. She said that when she stood on a worm by accident as a child, she used to get really upset at the thought she had killed something. Kathleen also described her as polite and loving, saying teachers at her school would tell her what a nice girl she was.

    However, Dennehy’s life took a drastic turn when she started drinking, taking drugs and seeing an older man. The couple said they no longer want anything to do with her daughter. Kathleen said that, as far as she was concerned, Dennehy no longer existed as she had “destroyed people”. She added: “I would never want anything to do with her because she’s not my Jo.”

    After she was arrested, Dennehy told police that she started killing simply because she wanted to know how it would feel.