Murderer’s father says he must confess


The father of serial killer Steve Wright says his son must admit what he has done.
Wright’s elderly father says his son has a duty to the family of victims to “stand up” and confess everything.
Forklift truck driver Wright is serving life in prison after being convicted of the killings of sex workers in Ipswich. He has been found guilty of killing five young women who vanished in 2006, but he has never admitted he carried out the horrific crimes.
Residents of Ipswich lived in terror while police tried to find the killer, who was dumping his victim’s naked bodies in isolated locations around the town.
After he was convicted, some of the women’s families called for the death penalty to be brought back to punish him.
His elderly father Conrad Wright is now urging his son to confess to what he has done.
He said: “It’s the only thing he can do, I mean he’s a man, but he doesn’t do it does he? It’s the only thing he could do to excuse himself is to stand p and admit it. I wouldn’t forgive him, you can’t forgive him. Their lives were taken away, you don’t forgive anybody for that anyway.”
The first woman to vanish was Tania Nicol, 19, who disappeared from Ipswich’s red light district. That was followed by the disappearance of 25-year-old Gemma Adams a fortnight later, which led to a large scale police enquiry.
Days later the body of another sex worker, 24-year-old Anneli Alderton was found in woodland and police issued a stark warning to sex workers that they needed to stay off the streets because their lives were in danger.
Then, at the end of the year, the bodies of another two women, Paula Clennell, 24, and Arnette Nicholls, 29, were found near woodland.
Wright was arrested by police a week after the last killings.
His father said the man who committed such horrendous crimes was not the son he knew. He said that his son liked to go to cricket at the weekend, that he would look after the family dogs and pop to the pub.
“He wouldn’t say boo to a goose,” he added.
Mr Wright said he had not found out which prison his son was in, but said he would demand the truth from him if they ever come face to face again.