Mum-to-be ill after finding spider in fried chicken bucket


A disgusted mum-to-be has told of how she was sick for days after finding a dead spider at the bottom of her fried chicken bucket.
Lisa Turner, 34, made the grisly find after finishing most of the KFC Bargain Bucket, which she was sharing with her partner and teenage son.
She was horrified when she spotted the unwanted extra ingredient next to a chicken leg at the bottom of the tub.
Ms Turner and her 16-year-old son Bradley were both ill for three days afterwards, suffering from sickness and diarrhoea.
KFC, however, has moved to defend its hygiene, pointing out that the store in Gillingham, Kent, has a five-star food standards rating.
Ms Turner said: ‘I purchased the bucket and other items for my family and brought it home and were all eating it and then to my disgust, we found the spider at the bottom of the chicken bucket.Then I went on to find part of a spider actually in the chicken leg I was eating. I was horrified.
“I am seven months pregnant and it made me feel so ill. Then Bradley and I both went on to suffer from sickness and diarrhoea for three days.This can be very serious when you are pregnant. Thankfully we have recovered now.”

After the family spotted what was lurking in their meal, Ms Turner’s partner returned to KFC, where staff gave him a full refund and asked him to give them the bucket.

The say they will never go back to KFC again. Ms Turner said her partner heard staff talking about the incident, staying that it was one of several complaints that day.

She said: “It is such a well known company, I think this matter should be told to others and not just left. We will never be buying food from there again.”

The chain, however says that a pest control visit had been carried out on the day of the family’s visit. It also pointed out that it has an “excellent five star-rating”.

A spokesperson for KFC also said that they had received no other complaints that day.

In a statement, they said: “Our Canterbury Street restaurant has an excellent five-star rating from the environmental health office, and our pest control company held a routine inspection on the day of Lisa’s visit, which found no problems.”

They said that as the food had been taken home, it was difficult to say where the spider had come from, but a refund was offered as a gesture of goodwill.