Mother-of-two suffers gang rape hell in Calais Jungle


Three Afghan migrants are facing gang rape charges over the alleged attack of a mother-of-two in the now cleared Calais Jungle.
The men were arrested at a centre for foreign workers in Paris and now face charges in relation to the attack on the 38-year-old victim.
The woman, who is also an Afghanistan national had been working for the France 5 TV channel as an interpreter at the time she was attacked.
She lives in the French capital along with her husband and her two children.
The woman had been in the Jungle, where 6,000 refugees were living until it was cleared last month, as part of a documentary team making a film about the issues of children who had been left unaccompanied in the camp.
The film was also set to look at how children were falling victim to sex abuse in the huge shantytown of migrants which sprung up in Calais, as people desperately tried to get to Britain, where they believed a better life awaited them.
Following the assault on the woman, the men are said to have given witness statements to Calais police
The traumatised woman was rushed to hospital for treatment and so that evidence could be gathered to help find and prosecute those involved.
At the moment, there are understood to be 4,000 migrants sleeping rough in Paris. Their numbers are believed to have been swollen as a result of the demolition of the Jungle.
While all migrants were supposed to have been taken to detention centres so their asylum cases can be looked at, many refused to get on the buses that had been sent to take them.
The terrified woman was pushed to the ground while one man carried out the attack and another two men held her the colleague who was with her. The 42-year-old male freelance reporter was prevented from going to her aid by the three men, who were all armed with knives.
The brave victim has given evidence to police and has helped to produce images of her alleged attackers, although she told officers that they were disguised with scarves worn around their faces and the attack happened in the dark.
Those who have been arrested, all men aged from 30 to 35, have denied that they were even in the camp at the time the rape took place.