Mother Of Autistic Child Shocked By Fox News Bashing


A week ago, a video of Vice President Mike Pence was all over the internet. Pence was giving a speech in a room filled with children at the White House when he accidentally hit one of the kids in the face whilst doing a hand gesture at the end of his speech.

Fox’ Joke about Michael

However, things have heated up two days after when Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, replacing Tucker Carlson, condemned Michael, the young kid, for being entitled and saying that he “felt aggrieved.”

That came after Tammy Bruce joked that “I guess we’re giving birth to snowflakes now because that looked like that kid needed a safe space in that room.”

The Mother’s Reaction

Consequently, Michael’s mother, Dr. Ingrid Herrera-Yee, became angry. In an interview with CNN’ Jake Tapper, Herrera-Yee said about her son: “Michael is 10 years-old. He is on the autism spectrum. He’s a military child. And he loves the White House.”

After cuffing him, Michael repeatedly told Pence: “You owe me an apology.” His mother clarified that Pence’s response to Michael was “wonderful.”

She continued by explaining that Michael started being verbal five years ago. He is learning how to be social at school and how to deal with others. So that is why he insisted on an apology from the vice president accidentally cuffs him on the nose.

“It’s not meant in any sort of negative way,” Herrera-Yee added. “Just him learning social interaction with someone else. What is appropriate and what isn’t.”

Shocked By Fox Actions

“Then, suddenly, it just went south,” she said once she saw the “Tucker” teaser about her son.

“I was devastated,” she continued. “And when I saw what they were saying, people who…they didn’t even know his age. They didn’t know who he was, but really taking out of context, a really innocent interchange between the Vice President and my son.”

As shocking as she was from people’s reactions, Herrera-Yee demands more awareness about autism and how to deal with it. She also wants an apology from Fox News “for having used my son out of context.”

“Please don’t use kids,” she stated, directing her words to Fox News. “It doesn’t matter that he’s autistic or a military kid. Forget all that. He’s a kid. And you don’t use children as examples on national television like that.”