Mother gives birth in back of POLICE CAR after getting stuck in snowstorm


A mother has given birth in the back of a police car after getting stuck in a snowstorm. Twenty year old Emily McBride realised she was in labour in the early hours of the morning and woke her boyfriend Tom Carson up to take her to the maternity hospital.

However, the frantic couple got caught up in traffic jams as a result of heavy snow, while they were still around three miles away from the clinic. Mr Carson, 23, managed to flag down a passing police car and told them that his partner was about to give birth.

Officers told the pair to get in and rushed them to Royal Stoke University Hospital, ringing ahead to tell staff there they were on their way. Four midwives were there waiting for them, but realised that the expectant mum had not time left to be taken inside. Instead, Miss McBride ended up giving birth in the car, just yards away from the hospital entrance.

Doing well

Thankfully, baby Darcey was born healthy and well, weighing at 6lb 9oz, nearly two hours after the couple set off for the hospital. Miss McBride said she was trying not to push because she wanted to get inside, but maternity staff had told her there was no time and she would have to take her trousers off then and there to push the baby out.

She said she felt lucky to have spotted the police car, which put its sirens on to get her to hospital. Otherwise, she said she may still have been in the car with Mr Carson and his mum, who would have been the ones forced to help to deliver the little girl.

Miss McBride added that she and Darcey were now doing well and that the police officers who helped had already been back to the hospital to see how they were.