Moment of silence held for Las Vegas shooting boycotted by at least 2 Democrats


The time of silence held for the victims of the tragic shooting on Monday night was shunned by some Democrats who refused to join in.

Among those who walked away was Katherine Clark, Massachusetts Rep. He was seen walking off the gathering just after Paul Ryan the Speaker called for a short moment of silence a few minutes before 7 pm. ET. Seth Moulton Massachusetts Rep also refused to participate, going on twitter and sharing his reason for not joining. He stated that the moment of silence was “an excuse for doing nothing.”

An excuse for Inactivity

Moulton is an Iraq War veteran, and a potential contender for the Democratic presidential nomination come 2020. He shared on Twitter on Monday that he would “NOT be participating with my associates in a time of silence on the House floor that becomes an excuse for doing nothing” He also declined participating in the moment of silence after the mass shooting in June 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub located in Orlando.

As at then, the attack on the Pulse Nightclub attack was a fatal mass shooting in American history, but that record was exceeded on Sunday after Stephen Paddock murdered at least 58 people at a public event in Las Vegas. In the aftermath of the killing, a lot of Democratic lawmakers called for more stringent laws as regards gun control.

Following the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Jim Himes, Connecticut Democratic Rep. was the first to make public his intention to not join in the moment of silence for the victims.

“I thought that at some point, [a moment of silence] is entirely representative of Congress’ total negligence on doing a couple of things that we should do attempt reducing the bloody mayhem that occurs in this country due to it being flooded with guns,” Himes stated to NPR then.