Mint Worker who Hid $130,000 Worth of Gold in Rectum Sentenced


A former Royal Canadian Mint worker, who stole gold $130,000 worth of gold coins and hid them in his rectum, has been fined US$145,000 and given 30-month prison sentence if he fails to pay within three years.

Leston Lawrence, a 35-year-old former Royal Canadian Mint employee has been charged for stealing exactly $127,116 worth of gold coins, and concealed them in his rectum.

The Sentence

Lawrence was found guilty last November after having successfully sold 17 of the 22 pieces of gold, through Ottawa Gold Buyers.

He was convicted of “conveying gold out of mint, breach of trust by a public official and possession of property obtained by crime.”

He was instructed by Ontario Judge Peter Doody to pay a $145,900 fine.

On Thursday, he also sentenced Lawrence to another 30 months in prison if he fails to pay the fine within three years.

Details of the Crime

According to investigators, Vaseline and latex gloves were found in Lawrence locker. According to the Toronto Star, Judge Doody said they “could have been used to facilitate insertion of gold items inside his rectum.”

Lawrence worked at the mint from 2008 to 2015, where he purified the gold. He occasionally worked in an area where there were no security cameras installed.

There was no camera footage, nor were there any witnesses of Lawrence stealing the 22 gold pucks.

However, there was footage of Lawrence setting off a metal detector as he was leaving work.

Each gold piece weighed as much as 264g and was sold for around $7,300 a piece between 2014 and 2015.

He reportedly used the money he had made to buy a boat in Florida and build a house in Jamaica.

Lawrence has already recovered $20,000 by selling his house, in order to pay the fine. He is also reportedly trying to recover the money he spent to buy his boat.