Microsoft Co-found, Paul Allen, Reveals Worlds Biggest Plane Set For 2019


Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen revealed the world’s biggest plane after it left for the first time from its hangar in the California desert.

The biggest plane description

The “Stratolaunch” has a wingspread of 385 feet; it weighs around 580 tons and has six engines. However, the plane is not meant to carry travelers.

Its attitude is 50 feet high. The plane has 28 wheels and is predicted to have about 2,000 nautical miles.

The airplane is created in order to launch missiles into space from the air. Compared to the launch of rockets from the ground, this plane would save jet fuel and decrease the expenses of sending cargo into space.

According to Stratolaunch Systems, the plane moved for the first time from its hangar for “aircraft fueling tests” this step is part of the last finishing steps for the plane to prepare it to launch by 2019.

The wingspan makes it the biggest plane worldwide, finally exceeding Howard Hughes’ “Spruce Goose”, the huge and big wooden.

Paul Allen: A Legend

Allen co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975. As a child, Allen was always obsessed with rockets.

But he left in 1982 because of health issues. Allen owns around $21.4bn which makes him the 35th richest person worldwide.

Last year, Allen wrote: “Opening up access to LEO (low earth orbit) will deliver many benefits. For example, we could deploy more satellites that would enable better understanding of why our weather patterns are changing and help increase agricultural productivity.

“And, we could study atmospheric chemistry more closely to better study and mitigate climate change.

“But none of this will happen as quickly without exploring new, flexible and streamlined ways to send satellites into orbit.”

The Stratolaunch project was announced to the public in 2011 for the first time. It is built to launch several rockets while flying.