Mark Cuban says he runs the race to the president


In the past, Mark Cuban is interested in running the presidency, including the famous NBA All-Star weekend game in February when wearing a “46” T-shirt. In a podcast on Tuesday, the Dallas Mavericks owner was more straightforward to his aspirations, saying he “considered” the White House campaign.

Cubans emerged on the basis of Negotiator Bakarija, attorneys and former South Carolina lawmakers, and two began discussing issues such as Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis, network neutrality, health and conflict of interest potential. to be president who has business interests. This led to traders who asked their guest: “Do you think that you appear as President of the United States?
“Yes,” the Cuban replied quickly.

“Face to face, yes, ready for committing, no

“If I can find solutions that I believe people can come up and really solve problems, I think I have a sense,” said 59-year-old Cuban. “If so, I think I can win as I can convince more people to vote for me and then no, I will not run away.

Trump turned in February before staring at Twitter saying, “I know Mark Cuban well, he supported me so much, but he was not interested in all the calls, he is not smart enough to run for president!

In the podcast, Cubans also discussed the topic of protests during the national anthem, for which Trump was very critical for NFL players. After traders discovered that the NBA had a rule their players took on the anthem, Kubance asked for his approach to the lonely person who wanted to take the knee.

Cubans have said they have already suggested that their players kneel in silence and “other narrative controls” need to record a video statement that could be set on monitors and sand on platforms. You want to say. “If the goal is to send a message, we will send you a message in the best possible way,” he said, “not just playing games where we hope history will be what they want.”