Man Who Killed His First Family Just Pleaded Guilty To Murdering His Second Family


Gregory Green was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife in 1991, and after serving 16 years for the murder, he was released on parole. He was arrested again the brutal slaughtering of his two daughters, as well as his two stepdaughters, last September.

Green, 50, from Michigan,  pleaded guilty for torturing his most recent wife, and murdering their four children.

Guilty Plea

He entered a plea at Dearborn Heights District Court Wednesday, and was found competent enough for a trial.

Charles Longstreet II, his attorney, previously filed a notice in order to plead insanity as a defence.

Prosecutors indicate that Green can face 45-100 years imprisoned for the crimes when he undergoes sentencing in March.

“He wanted to get it over with,” Longstreet said to reporters.

History of Family Murder

Green’s plea comes 24 years after he confessed to the stabbing murders of his previous wife and their unborn child, said police. He was in jail for 16 years, but given parole eight years prior to this murder.

Green killed his entire second family in Dearborn Heights where they lived in September of 2016. Records state he killed both his biological daughters, Kaleigh, 4, and Koi, 5, via coarbon monoxide asphyxiation.

“They were asphyxiated in a car with a makeshift tailpipe hose that was redirected into the vehicle,” Police Lt. Michael Krause of Dearborn Heighs said to the Detroit Free Press.

Green’s stepdaughters ― Chadney Allen, 19, and Kara Allen, 17 — were shot and killed. Both girls were murdered in front of Faith Green, 49, their mother, after Green forced her to watch the events.

Wayne County’s Prosecutor’s Office said that they were summoned to the murder scene after Green called 911 himself and told the dispatcher that he had killed his whole family. As authorities arrived to the scene, they realized that Faith Green survived a gunshot wound and box cutter attack.

“All of this seems to have stemmed from a domestic violence related incident,” Dearborn Heights Police Capt. Michael Petri stated.

Court records show that Faith Green was mid-divorce proceedings.