Magician Criss Angel Rushed To Hospital After Las Vegas Trick Gone Wrong


Famous magician Criss Angel had to be taken to the hospital after the straitjacket in his escape trick malfunctioned, and left him swinging upside down.

The illusionist had the malfunction in his Las Vegas Mindfreak Friday night live show.

What Happened?

According to reports by TMZ, Angel had only been 10 minutes through the initial opening act, including a trick he often preformed multiple times in the past, which included his attept to escape from a straitjacket as he was suspended while upside down from his ankles.

However, after struggling for two minutes to try to break free, Angel had to be lowered back onto his stage at Vegas’ Luxor Hotel, and curtains began to close in a forced intermission. The website then reported that Angel seemed unconscious and the audience was ushered out.

A representative for Angel confirmed to TMZ Saturday that the magician had to be hospitalized, but was later released, after he passed out in the beginning of the stunt. The popular illusionist’s Saturday evening show was put on hold pending the results from tests he had taken that same day, said the outlet.

Fans Respond

Fans took to Twitter and Facebook to post about the incident and support the magician. One user posted: “What an awful experience! 10 mins into the show, Criss Angel was doing his upside down straitjacket stunt and was almost out after spinning for 2 mins and then they let him down. He stopped moving, curtain down. Break for 15 mins. Now show cancelled.

Hope he is ok!! Didn’t appreciated people’s comments as they were leaving.”

Angel was said to be taken to a hospital nearby but fortunately was able to be discharged on the exact same night.

“At the Criss Angel Show. Something went wrong when he tried to escape from a jacket while suspended. There is a forced intermission,” said Twitter user @RyanPerez.

“Went to a @CrissAngel show and I think he almost died. they had to cancel the show after like 15 mins. hope he’s cool though,” tweeted @WillVMusic.