Lyft and Uber Traveling for Beginners


Uber discovered what nobody else had thought of, or at least didn’t attempt to make it a reality, until after Uber. Prior to the business, we only depended upon taxis and cabs. Uber said they would do one better. You would get the same transportation service, but better. No longer do you have to call for a cab. The impressive mobile app will find someone for you. And, you can be anywhere in the world. If there’s a rideshare vehicle nearby, they’ll find you. Also, the prices are cheaper, especially when you ‘share-the-ride’. This is when the driver will pick up additional riders and the expense is divided amongst the group. And, it doesn’t interfere with your travel. It’ll only occur, when you are in route. Plus, you choose that option. If you want to pay a lesser price, sharing the ride is the way to go. If you don’t mind paying full price, then by all means ride by yourself.

Know the policy to cancelling a trip

A trip can be cancelled at any time, but it is possible for you to cancel a trip and not pay for it. This policy was put in place for the driver. It would be terrible to drive for a long period of time and then receive a cancellation, on your way to pick up the rider. The amount of time you are allowed to cancel depends on the service provider. Some services allow a 5-minute window, but Uber recently reduced theirs to two minutes. When you think about it, 5 minutes is a long period of time to wait, then cancel. It’s the amount of time of driving to the grocery store and remembering you left your wallet.

Be Safe

For a safe travel, always be aware of the vehicle that will be picking you up. The color, make, model, license plate. Also, the rideshare apps provide you with stats on the driver. This can help you learn the experiences of other riders and whether to choose them as your driver or not.