London Mayor Announces Heavy Pollution Warning Near Bus and Train Stations


London City officials announce heavy pollution alerts on Thursday, urging people to refrain from over exposure especially those at risk for heart and lung conditions.

Reports of low air quality are linked to drops in temperatures in the region, trapping pollutants in a blanket above the city.

Asthma Sufferers Beware

The mayors office is running air quality alerts along points of public transportation including tube stations, bus stops, and busy hot spots within the city.

The London Air Quality Network predicts an increased reliance on inhalers for those who suffer from asthma during these conditions. Symptoms such as sore throat, coughing, and irritated eyes are linked to overexposure of settling pollutants and should be taken as an immediate signal to minimize any outdoor activity urges the pollution monitoring service.

Climate Pollution

Environmentalists and campaigners push for government action towards restricting traffic in the event of heavy smog. Friends of Earth spokesperson expressed her opinion in the matter saying, “The solutions proposed for dealing with the latest smog have things backwards: the first step should be restricting traffic not people.”

The combination of carbon emissions and nitrogen dioxide are heavily produced by buses and trucks that run the course of the city on a daily basis. Government health advisers call for councils to acquire the ability to issue clean air zones, prohibiting heavy emissions within those locations.

New analysis reveal air pollution to be one of the UK’s major environmental hazards, linked to estimates of 40,000 deaths yearly. Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor, addressed these issues stating:

“Londoners need to know when the city is suffering from high pollution levels so they can take any necessary appropriate measures to protect themselves from poor air quality. This is particularly crucial for Londoners who are vulnerable, such as asthma sufferers.”