Journalist Mark Halperin accused by multiple women of Sexual Harassment


Mark Halperin the co writer of the book ‘Game Changer’ which was focussed on the presidential elections, was accused of sexually harassing multiple women while working at ABC News, CNN revealed.

Oliver Darcy of CNN was told by five women that they knew the accused and that his employees were propositioned by Him at different times. Amongst the allegations against the Journalist includes pressing his crotch area against them and grabbing their bosoms against their will.

The accused, Mark Halperin who is currently 52 years old has been at different positions of authority, at present he is the senior analyst for MSNBC and NBC News. The book he co-wrote was turned into a movie two years after its release.

More revelations come to light

The testifiers who pleaded anonymity shared with CNN that it was out of fear that did not report the activities of the Journalist to the authority.

The allegations follow the wave of shocking revelations that have rocked the industry these past few weeks, which started on the 5th of October in the charge against Harvey Weinstein, the executive at New York Times who was said to have for years harassed and assaulted women.