IRS File Another Tax Lien Against Floyd Mayweather


The IRS has revealed that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still owing Uncle Sam $7.2 million in unpaid taxes that he owes in 2010.

According to the IRS records the lien is related to the amount of money that he earned from his fight against Shane Mosley.

This includes the $22.2 million that the boxer owes in unpaid taxes in 2015 after his fight with Manny Pacquiao. But brushed off the issue stating that it has been taken care during promotion runs for his fight against Conor McGregor.

However, it seems Floyd’s public displays of wealth does not match his tax records. Although he filed a petition to validate the fact that he is truly wealthy but just doesn’t have the cash to pay the 2015 tax debts. His request to pay in batches after his fight with Conor was rejected by the IRS and the tax agency has stated that he will be levied.

Mayweather’s tax issue is slowly becoming a norm as he only paid 15.5 million recently after a tax lien was filed against him by the IRS.

Floyd Mayweather is smart – Morse

Jeffery Morse, his tax attorney revealed in an email to the press that the lien in 2010 is no longer applicable even though court records show that it has not been resolved. But didn’t provide any more details.

“He has no tax obligation that has not been sorted out for 2010” Morse revealed in the email.

Leonard Ellerbe, Floyd’s business manager did not respond to questions his tax debt. But asked reporters to revert to comments by Morse on another online website.

“Floyd is a smart businessman and if he needs to invest his money in a business and get good returns that exceed what he needs to pay the IRS in accumulated interest. Then he will do it and every smart businessman will do the same” Morse said.
Conor McGregor took advantage of the tax case to throw jabs at Mayweather at their press conference in LA.