Inhumane Working Conditions Discovered In Chinese Company That Manufactures Ivanka Trump’s Brand


According to a new report, the clothing line of Ivanka Trump is manufactured by a Chinese factory where workers were paid $1 per hour and had to work for 82 hours every month in overtime.

Inhumane working conditions:

As per an audit conducted by the company called G-III Apparel Group, the 80 workers are forced to work around 60 hours per week and paid $62. The company had the license to make Ivanka’s clothes from 2012. Her clothes are also made in factories in South America, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.

Despite Ivanka’s line being deserted by several big retailers, like Nordstrom, but the sales are exponentially growing.

During January and February of 2017, sales increased by 332% compared to the previous year. During the 2015 fiscal year, the clothing brand sold in an amount of $100million.

Fair Labor Association, which is an independent association that strives to better the working conditions of workers worldwide, issued a report saying that in order to achieve the production targets, workers had to work for 57 hours every week.

However, the brands that were assembled during the inspection that lasted two days in October were not specified in the report.

Not following Chinese laws:

The workers were forced to make 82 hours overtime per month during September 2015 and August 2016, although there’s a Chinese law that sets 36 hours per month in overtime.

The employees make around $255 to $283 per month, which is less than the minimum wage of some Chinese areas, and it’s also less than a half of manufacturing employee make on average.

Less than one third of the factory’s employees have the benefits which are mandated by China, which include insurance for injuries related to work, unemployment, maternity, and medical.

The workers weren’t also given help with the costs of housing, which is also mandated by Chinese laws.

The factories that belong to G-III have manufactured and sent over 110 tons of skirts, blouses, dresses and other clothing items of Ivanka’s brand since October to the US.

When G-III had become the only maker of Ivanka’s brand in 2012, she said that the company “’has distinguished itself as a trusted partner for some of the world’s finest and most visible brands.”