Indian Drone Shot Down by Pakistan


On Saturday, the Pakistan military announced that they had shot down an Indian drone, after they claimed the drone trespassed into their section of Kashmir. This was during cross-border firing, which led to four villagers being killed. Three of the killings were siblings (two sisters and a brother).

The drone that was shot down is named a “Quad copter”. Lt. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa, a spokesman for the army said, the drone had intruded into Pakistan, approximately 60 meters pass the Line of Control into Kashmir’s Himalayan region. Bajwa went on to say that the troops seized the drone, which fell close to a Pakistani post. The Indian army did not have an immediate comment.

The announcement came after police had reported that four villagers were killed from cross-border firing. A police official, Mohammad Shafqat said three of the four villagers killed were family members. Shafqat said, the fourth villager eventually died, after being critically wounded from the firing. The account was confirmed by the Pakistan army. They called their troops returning fire a “befitting response”, because they were under attack. But, an Indian army officer said that Pakistan are to blame for initiating the attack. The officer said that their attack was also “befitting”.  The officer would not disclose his name, because he is unauthorized to speak with reporters about the army’s actions. It isn’t unusual to hear about shootings like this, but Pakistan said the recent shooting came from them intercepting an Indian submarine entering the territorial waters of Pakistan. India was quick to deny this claim as well.

Nafees Zkaria, the spokesman for Pakistan’s foreign ministry sent a tweet, expressing sympathy for the loved ones of those that were killed in the firing. According to Pakistan, this is India’s way of diverting the world’s attention from their human rights violations.