I made an important decision with my heart – Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton has revealed that his decision to allow a swap in position with Valtteri Bottas, his Mercedes teammate was made with his heart rather than his head at the Grand Prix in Hungarian.

They were just 25 laps in the race when Bottas was asked to allow Hamilton go past him for the third so he will be able to challenge the two Ferrari drivers that were ahead of him in the lead. This decision was made as it was expected that Hamilton would give back the position to Bottas during the last lap as it was hoped that he (Hamilton) would force Kimi Raikkonen to make a mistake in the second lap.

Thus it was no surprise when he allowed Bottas take the lead in the race’s final corner. This meant that he gave up 3 points in the championship against his rival Sebastian Vettel who won the race.

It was a decision from the heart -Lewis Hamilton

However, after the race, Hamilton revealed that he was not thinking about the championship points when he allowed the switch because at the point he made the right decision.

“I made the decision based on the feelings in my heart,” he said. “If I thought with my head, I wouldn’t have allowed that happen.”

Sebastian Vettel is expected to maintain his lead in the next race as he currently leads with more 11 points.