How a second hand cot led to the death of little girl


A coroner has issued a safety warning after the death of a baby girl in a cot designed for co-sleeping. Heartbroken mother Esther Roseman has given evidence at the inquest into the death of her baby, describing the moment she found seven-week-old Grace dead in her cot.

The devastated mum said she screamed ‘Grace is dead’ after finding her little girl dead in the BedNest cot, which Mrs Roseman bought second hand. It is designed to be placed beside a bed, with a side which can be lowered so that parent and child can lie next to each other.

The inquest was told that the side of the bed was lowered to three inches and that little Grace’s head had become stuck on the edge. As she was unable to lift her head back up, her air supply was cut off and she passed away.


The Rosemans had been given the cot as a gift second hand, meaning it did not come with any instructions. Mrs Roseman said she had been having a bath before she found Grace with her head hanging over the side. She said the little girl had turned purple and it was obvious she had been there for some time.

Her husband Gideon ran in when he heard her screaming and the couple rushed their baby to hospital. However, the mum said she knew in her heart of hearts that nothing could be done to save her beloved daughter. She said she wished that the instructions were on the side of the cot, as she had not seen the danger. The instructions say that a baby should not be left alone with one side lowered.

The coroner has issued a Coroner Report to Prevent Future Deaths to BedNest Ltd and the National Childbirth Trust, calling for urgent action to be taken.